Sustainable Coastlines and Kiwi

Riverway Kayaks, Locally produced lunch, Sustainable Coastline environmental actions, Evening Kiwi spotting



  • Pick-up Auckland
  • Understanding Marine Ecosystem - Puhoi River Kayaks
  • Lunch Puhoi Cheese Factory (Supporting Local)   NZ farming
  • Orewa or Tawharanui/Omaha/Whangateau Clean-up using the Sustainable Coastlines method.
  • Kiwiness Tour pick up , learn about Tawharanui Regional Park
  • Evening Kiwi-walk
  • Drop off Auckland

Join your fellow travellers for this sustainable coastlines day with a difference.

You'll learn and experience NZs coastal riverway feeders, contribute to positive environmental impact through Sustainable Coastlines initiative and later spot a kiwi in the wild !!


Pick up Auckland CBD

Travel north to Puhoi, Bohemien  settlement to join the Puhoi Kayak tour and understand the importance to the eco-system NZs waterways play

Lunch at Puhoi Cheese Factory

A local NZ sucess stpory you'll see where Puhoi Cheese is made, and enjoy a superb bite to eat in lush bush surroundings.

Sustainable Coastlines

In cooperation with 'Sustainable Coastlines Initiative' we head to a local beach to contribute positively collecting plastics and other harmful waste washing up on NZ shores.  Its a great chance to give back, and also see first hand how our actions like drinking bottled water can wreck havoc on our beautiful coast.

Tawharanui Experienece and Evening Kiwi Spotting

Next we'll meet Kiwiness, and learn first hand about the importance of NZs protected reserves, particularly those on peninsular headlands.  As the sun sets and you've taken some of the best photos you'll see, its time to hit the short track and spot kiwi in the wild !!    

This is a must do for any NZer and visitor.  So rarely we get a chance to see Kiwi in their own environment....  This will stay with you for ever.