Kiwi as, by the sea

A full day awaits those wanting to expand their local knowledge and experiences of all things Kiwi.

From NZD 449.00 per person


  • Oyster Farm Tour
  • Sustainable Marine Farming
  • Goat Island Marine Reserve
  • Kiwi as Dinner
  • Evening Kiwi spotting Experience
  • Transport to/from Auckland CBD

A full day awaits those wanting to expand their local knowledge and experiences of all things Kiwi.


Oyster Farm Tour

Starting from Auckland you will be coached an hour north to Scott’s Landing on the Mahurangi Peninsula.  You will then board for a 2 hour oyster and shucking experience. Your boat starts with a cruise out over the oyster farm. Learn how these shellfish are grown, caught, opened (shucked) and of course consumed. Eaten fresh or even cooked on the BBQ, you will indulge in this seafood delicacy. Heading back to the wharf at Scott's Landing you will cruise the shallow bays as you look out for stingrays along the way.


Goat Island Marine Reserve

Travel another hour north to the marine reserve of Te Hāwere-a-Maki (Goat Island). Goat Island is a protected area, allowing sea life and fauna to flourish.  As a reserve, fishing is prohibited, as is taking any items from the beach or sea. For those confident swimmers, hire a snorkel and flippers on arrival to wade through the gentle waters and get up close with the marine life. It is an open reserve, and what you will see will change day to day. Fish that reside in the reserve include snapper, blue maomao, parore, red moki, goatfish, kelpfish, marble fish, stingrays as well as other marine life including kina, kelp, sponges and anemones. For those who would rather view from above, an optional glass boat tour is available. 


Fish 'n' Chips 

We will head half and hour back down the coast for our evening adventure, but before we do, we’ll stop for some fish’n’chips on the way for an early dinner.


Evening Kiwi Walk

Arriving at Tawharanui Open Sanctuary, you will be met by your experienced guide prior to our 3 hour evening tour. Setting off by torchlight, listen out for the very distinctive call of the Kiwi. Your informative guide will teach you much about the local birdlife in the area, and with a bit of luck you will spot our nations most treasured bird in it’s natural habitat. The small group numbers on this tour ensure an intimate and exclusive experience.

From Tawharanui you will head back to Auckland arriving later in the evening.