Japan Student Multi-Day Tour

Guided completely in Japanese, you will be immersed in genuine Japanese culture, food, Art and language.

From NZD 899.00 per person


  • Minimum Group size 8 including 1 Teacher Free of Charge
  • Genuine Japanese Guides  
  • Quality accommodation with Japanese twist in Rotorua
  • Waitomo
  • Redwoods Tree Walk
  • Skyline Luge
  • Te Puia
  • Cultural activities including Happi & Yukata, Calligraphy
  • Weaving Japan with NZ tourism icons

Auckland – Rotorua – Waitomo- Auckland

Experience NZ through a Japanese lens.   Guided completely in Japanese, you will be immersed in genuine Japanese culture, food, Art and language.  Touring across New Zealand, students are greeted by innovative Japanese New Zealanders who bring a taste of Japan through their businesses and passion.

Capture the essence of modern & traditional Japan and the close links between New Zealand & Japanese culture.  Its people, architecture and landscapes.

Students experience full Japanese immersion, conversing in Japanese with native speakers and interacting in a way they would if travelling throughout Japan. Building relationships with businesses with ties to Japan and the shared experiences that help cement the love of Japanese language.

Day One - Traditional Welcome

Traditional welcome by your Japanese hosts.  Students are ‘transported’ into their Japanese Immersion. Introductions and tour delivered entirely in Japanese by our Japanese guide.

On the way we’ll visit Hamilton Gardens for Japanese Cherry Blossoms and Gardens along with a Japanese Barbeque Lunch, Teppenyaki.

Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves, guided entry to the caves to discuss the similarities of landscapes in Japanese language.

Tonight we stay at the beautiful Terume Resort, complete with their own Onsen pools.


On arrival we explore Japanese fashion with Yakuta & Happi dressing. Students will appreciate the simplicity and beauty of this traditional garment, plus of course the selfie and group photo-shoot

Yakitori Dinner

Dinner is at The Distinction Hotel Rotorua Mr Yakitori. Before heading back to enjoy a relaxing soak at Terume resort. Including a lesson on "How to enjoy Onsen" experience during the stay

Day Two - Onigiri Breakfast

Start the day with Yamato Onigiri breakfast.  A really authentic way to start the day, and gives us the energy required for the continued Japan engagement.

Te Puia

Visit Te Puia - Tuku Iho Exhibition in Japan.  An amazing tie between Maori and Japanese culture starts the day. Students learn the significance of the relationship between cultures and the weaving of their shared stories.

Redwoods Forest - Tree Walk

Swing through Redwood forest tree walk guided in Japanese and marking the similarity between the natural landscapes of Japan & NZ.

Skyline Luge

Next we head to Skyline to explore cherry blossom tree’s our Japanese students planted in the past.  Tonkatsu Lunch at the top of the mountain, and of course a quick trip down the Luge is a must

さようなら  Goodbye

Heading back to Auckland students efforts are recognized through Certificates to mark the end of their journey.  Students have walked in the footsteps of Japanese students, found some hidden Japanese gem’s and bonded through genuine Japanese experiences.

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