Japan Student Immersion Tour

Experience Auckland through a Japanese lens. Guided completely in Japanese, you will be immersed in genuine Japanese culture, food, art and language.

From NZD 299.00 per person


  • Minimum Group size 8 including 1 Teacher Free of Charge
  • Genuine Japanese Guides
  • Traditional Happi dressing to be ready for Taiko drumming
  • Exclusive access to Taiko Drumming Dojo – Performance and hands on drumming experience
  • Behind the scenes restaurant experience
  • Calligraphy lesson

Guided in level appropriate Japanese

Experience Auckland through a Japanese lens.   Guided completely in Japanese, you will be immersed in genuine Japanese culture, food, art and language.  Exploring all the connections to Japan hidden in plain sight across the city.

Capture the essence of both modern & traditional Japanese life and the close links between New Zealand & Japanese culture, its people, architecture and landscapes.

Traditional Welcome 

Traditional welcome by your Japanese hosts.  Students are ‘transported’ into their Japanese Immersion.

Yakuta & Happi dressing follows, to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of this traditional garment, plus of course the selfie and group photo-shoot.

Taiko Drumming

Experience the energy and excitement of Taiko Drumming.   A fantastic team bonding exercise, and language opportunity following instructions as a group. We’ll experience a performance, before joining the group ourselves !!

Japanese restaurant lunch experience

Food being such an important part of Japanese lifestyle. Students will have a full belly and warm heart as our guides share their unique story telling.   Ordering in Japanese as well as ‘behind the scenes’ meeting.

Fukuoka Gardens

The Fukuoka Gardens unveil more Japanese secrets in Auckland.

Calligraphy Lessons

Later, Calligraphy lessons will help with some clear focus and beauty, students will write their names in Kanji .

さようなら  Goodbye

Students have spent a full day in the footsteps of Japanese students, found some hidden Japanese gems within the confines of Auckland city and bonded through genuine Japanese experiences.