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Only bookable via your local Travel Professional!

We love the travel industry and we love Travel agents.

All our tours are only bookable via you ! Travel Professionals.   

Commissionable Product

Minimum Tour size 8 

Specialist Education Travel Agents can sell our Student to Schools with confidence.   All tours can be cancelled up to day before travel and rebooked subject to availability at no extra cost.   Teacher travels free of charge.

Foodie and Immersion tours allow you as the agent to travel free of charge with your clients if you desire.  Build on those strong client relationships and keep the travel dream alive.  Revisit Japan and France via our New Zealand tours for clients who have a passion for the destinations. 

Share Tour PDF directly with your client.

All tours can be cancelled up to the day before travel and rebooked for a future date at no additional charge.

Bespoke immersion tours available tailored for your group, contact us today.