About Us

Experience Travel is an initiative of the Walshe Group a trusted distribution partner of the New Zealand Tourism Industry.

The Walshe Group

Our company was founded in Auckland in 1976 around overseas tourism representation. Our whakapapa, or lineage, begins in Ireland through founder Rodney Walshe. Our company DNA is heavily influenced by rich local heritage & culture and a strong connection to the land and ocean. Our portfolio of representation includes tourist boards and airlines, alongside an inbound New Zealand entity called Southern Travelnet.


National Geographic has noticed us

In 2018, Darragh Walshe from the Walshe Group, approached environmental non-profit Sea Cleaners about a programme to highlight the issue around plastics in our ocean. Darragh’s responsibilities include the marketing of Hawai‘i Tourism and he has a passion around the ocean and the issue that affects all countries who share this beautiful resource including Aotearoa and Hawai‘i. Sea Cleaners, with their unparalleled experience, expertise and drive helped develop a youth ambassador initiative that saw young change leaders travel to Hawai‘i. Initially from New Zealand, but expanding to include Australia and Japan.


Creating a voluntourism programme

Our motivation to create a voluntourism experience is based on our vision around Regenerative Tourism, and to redeploy our experience and skills in the tourism industry following the impact of Covid-19