Regenerative Community Experiences

Connecting Community with Communities

Our concept is based around the desire to connect Corporate communities with Regenerative Tourism Experiences.  Where the visitor, through respectful, mutual interaction with the local community and environment, plays a part in an uplifting experience that has wider, long-lasting benefits. These benefits flow through to the environment, community and local culture, as well as providing an enriching, sometimes life-changing, experience for the visitor, their teams and clients.

We've connected community groups and charities to create day and overnight experiences for Corporates to support their own company values with real action.  With your teams and clients working more remotely its a chance to bond through shared experiences while contributing to organisations doing amazing work in our communities.

Here's what makes our experiences so special


Genuine Maori culture through established connections and storytelling. Learn about traditional Maori sustainable practices.


Going beyond sustainability. Through respectful, mutual interaction with local community and environment, you create a positive environmental impact.


Creating real connections to the communities we visit. Businesses can connect your team and clients with communities in your area doing amazing things

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